Kratom strains can certainly be a source of confusion among most users. Regardless of how long they have been religiously using it, kratom strains continue to be a mind-boggling subject. According to recent studies on kratom and its various strains, what makes them different is the varying locations from which they have been extracted. That’s not all, another factor that contributes to the difference between kratom strains is the varying weather conditions. Most manufacturers have embraced the revolutionary method of straining kratom due to multiple factors such as the ease with which it is obtained, and furthermore, the users enjoy this method of taking it.

How to tell different kinds of kratom strains

To get rid of the monotony of always getting confused when telling the difference between different kinds of kratom strains, scientists have come up with an ingenious method that has made it easier for everyone depending on kratom strains for one or more uses. One of them is by testing the solubility by conducting a test. Some of them dissolve instantly while others tend to take a little bit more time. The only thing left to do is to tell which one is which and this has not proven to be difficult in any way so far.


Another way of finally being able to tell them apart is obviously the colors. They all don’t look alike, and so we have to take advantage of this fact and maximize it to our advantage. For instance, the green kind of kratom strain is grown and strained in some countries of the Asian continent while the chocolate brown one is indeed obtained from another tree species found in another part of Asia.

Uses of different kinds of kratom strains

Each kind of strain has its use and a role it has to play. Here are some of the uses;

  • The red strain is used in reducing the stress levels and are said to have a calming effect on the user. It can either be put in hot water and drank while still hot while some people prefer to sniff it because the expected results are instantaneous.
  • Those that have encountered the green strain say that it is best suited for overcoming the powerful grip of depression and also helps in relieving and alleviating anxiety.
  • The brown kratom strain is said to enhance public speaking skills as well as to help in alleviating body pains almost instantly.


Reasons for straining kratom

Most of us have only seen it in the images uploaded online while most of us have had the privilege of actually seeing it as well as touching it with our hands. It is easy to tell that the strained form of kratom has eased the burden off our shoulders because it is readily available for our consumption. All the dirty work has been done for us, and all that is left for us to do is to grab it from the shelf and take it home to decide which consumption method we are comfortable with.